How to Hire a Painting Contractor

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There are many painting contractors out there but few that are qualified to do the work for you. Many painting contractors are in the profession they are in due to the lack of opportunity given them in the years immediately following high school.

“Painting? I’ve painted my bedroom before, I know how to paint.” Not necessarily so; many of these contractors who missed out on college or military service, acquired their contracting license during the amnesty period offered by the Registrar of Contractors during the later part of this past decade.

Following are some things to look for in hiring a painting contractor and are good tips in general when hiring any contractor no matter what trade they might be contracting for. Continue reading

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A Tri Cities Wa Painting Company, The Beginning Of A Great Thing

Today, I officially open the doors to a blog dedicated to a painting, maintenance, and building career I’ve held for 25 years.  The blog will be a resource for both consumers and professionals alike to find much needed information about painting, decorating, and property maintenance concerns.

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